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Laboratory bitumen emulsion plant

Laboratory Bitumen Emulsion Plant Davial LaPROM 800


Plants Functions.

1.      The producing of emulsion samples both for express analysis, and for accurate receipts developing.

2.      Small-scale production of different type bitumen emulsion with 1 tph maximum capacity.


Short Technical Specification.

Minimum capacity: 100 lph.

Working capacity: 100 800 lph

Maximum capacity: 1000 lph

The mill: 1 tph, with possibility of direct latex injection into the mill

Laboratory tanks:  two tanks one for bitumen and one for water phase; each is equipped with temperature sensor, heated and insulated.

Dosing accuracy:

  • bitumen phase - 0,3%

  • water phase - 0,5%

Dosing and temperature control: automatic, using the feedback


Short Description.laboratory bitumen emulsion plant

The plant, including the control panel, has been assembled on framed bent and consists of laboratory tank for bitumen phase, laboratory tank for water phase, colloid mill with driving motor, bitumen pump, water pump and control panel.

There are the inputs-outputs for connecting:

  • external bitumen tank (input and circulation output);
  • external water tank (input and circulation output);
  • external emulsion tank.

The three-way valves system provides the possibility for realizing the following running modes:

1)      bitumen emulsion production with use of laboratory bitumen and water phases tanks;

2)      bitumen emulsion production with use of external bitumen and water phases tanks;

3)      loading the bitumen from an external to lab tank and vice versa;

4)      loading the water phase from an external to lab tank and vice versa;

The emulsion could be discharged both into the bucket (laboratory application), and into the external tank (industrial application).


The Mill.

       Davial Ltd designed colloid mill in stainless steel provides the brake-up of bitumen in micron size droplets due to high circumference speed and special shape of rotor and stator. The milling characteristics of lab mill are quite similar to the industrial one.


Processing Equipment.

      Complete and fully equipped lines for in-line dosage of water and bitumen phases. Speed of the pumps is controlled from the PID controllers via a frequency converters. We use reliable pumps that have good characteristics for bitumen emulsion production application.

The bitumen and water phases could be circulated both through the laboratory tanks, and through the external tanks.


Control System.

The flow and temperature of bitumen and water are automatically controlled. All control devices are mounted into the control panel. The valves are operated by hand. The valves hand levers are mounted on the front panel for usability.



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