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During the exhibition Road 2019 (October 16-18, Ekaterinburg Expo) desktop laboratory bitumen-emulsion machine Davial EXPRESS was presented. This is a fully-functional equipment, that includes not only a colloidal mill, but also automatically thermostatic laboratory tanks, pumps for bitumen and water phases with electronic control of flowrate. The most important point is the principle of operation, that provides obtaining a bitumen emulsion in one pass through a colloidal mill, exactly as it is done in industrial plants.


Counter-flowmeter has a nominal size DN 50 and can be used with typical pumping stations for pumping bitumen or bitumen emulsions with capacity o 30 tph. It allows to organize an actual accounting of incoming bitumen or shipment of bitumen emulsion in the absence of the truck scales.


Bitumen Emulsion Plant, model Davial INTEGRA has new version in 2014. It becomes even more comfortable and demand less maintenance


It's possible to order complete unit for storage and shipment of bitumen emulsions for CIS-market. Details are in russian version of site.


We've started to get the orders for bitumen emulsion tanks.

More information is in the chapter "Products".

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